Quality products for all your needs

At MF Paints, product quality is of paramount concern. By keeping our focus on highly efficient paints and stains, we make sure that each stroke of the roller leaves a perfect finish. Our specialized team regularly subjects our products to stringent quality tests, guaranteeing effectiveness and impeccable quality. We have the right product for all your project needs.

Easy to apply, resilient, outstanding

These words aptly summarize this line of products, specifically formulated for both interior and exterior surfaces. With this broad range of superior quality products, consumers can count on outstanding finishes and zero-VOC formulas.


This full range of wood stains and coatings allows consumers to choose from among high-gloss to ultra-matte finishes. Regardless of the scope of your project, you are sure to find the finish and luster desired. Available for interior and exterior use.

Large quantity, high quality,
small price

The product line for entrepreneurs consists of a unique formula that combines the benefits of superior paint with the attractive prices of large quantities. Proline offers you more for less!

Specialized product line

Specialized paints that can be used on all types of surfaces, including metal, concrete, and melamine. This specialized line offers ultra-high-performance paints that adhere to the most difficult materials.

revetement mf performance

Certification de système ISO 9001 Peintures MF SGS


Certified ISO 9001-2015, MF Paints guarantees a personalized and efficient customer service.

Peinture Zéro COV


Concerned about the environment, MF Paints develops products with low and zero VOC (volatile organic compound).

Certification MPI Logo


In order to provide consumers with superior quality, MF Paints has used the MPI (Master Paint Institute) to analyze the effectiveness of its products.


CFIA certified

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) safeguards Canada’s food supply and its plant and animal resource base. Chemicals that are likely to come into contact with consumer products or to be released into the environment are therefore subject to inspection by the CFIA and must comply with certain standards before they are certified.