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Létourneau Floors, has been in the past a general store and continued in the service of flooring in the 80s. A popularity and a name these are developed and installed in the area. A family business that promotes personalized customer service is the key to our success, based on values ​​of integrity, communication and vision. Turnkey projects have been developed from generation to generation. To date, the company has always been part of a floor covering banner. Flordeco is a group in the field that has more than 46 specialist stores.

When the torch was given to the third generation, our mission was developing a creative mind, a vision and improving the customer experience. The company succeeded in developing commercial, contractual and residential territories. The primary objective of the company remains the quality of service in the areas of construction, renovation, post-disaster and other. From construction projects, to renovation or simply coloring a room; we will make the scene of your dreams. Thanks to our experience and our acquired skills, we have developed a great expertise in several spheres of renovation. We offer the decoration service, so the projects are supported, from the beginning of the construction to the finishing of the pieces. Our experienced and training employees are there to listen and guide the clientele.

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Come meet our experts in Saint-Rémi, make your renovation projects easier than ever!

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