Application information for Semi-transparent Stain

Application information for WOODMATE 1075

MF Paints wants to guarantee the best outcome for your staining project. For this reason, we invite you to familiarize yourselfteinture with this guide to make sure that you are as proud of your project as we are of our wood stains and coatings.

It is important to keep in mind that the quality of the coating or stain you choose will always be maximized by the amount of care you use in preparing the surface.

WOODMATE’s semi-transparent oil-based stain contains pigments derived from nanotechnology. It is made to enhance the beauty of exterior wood surfaces. With only 2 coats, you will obtain a rich nourishing finish for your wood, and protection for your deck against bad weather and heavy traffic.

WOODMATE’s strength lies in its capacity to resist mildew and bad weather. Its primary quality is its ability to bring out the grain of the wood, enhancing its natural beauty. It does so thanks to trans oxide pigments derived from nanotechnology.


A visual examination of the surface to be stained – deck, facing, fence, or other – is always recommended before starting your project. Make sure that terrasse boisthe wooden structure is in good condition and reinforce it if necessary. Screw down loose boards. Change damaged or rotten ones. If the wood is too old or cracked, water will seep in and increase the risk that the stain will peel.

The strong presence of mould on the wood (blackened surface) may be caused by high humidity levels. For example, a shrub that is too close to the facing may prevent proper air circulation, creating an environment conducive to mould growth. Trim the shrub to allow at least 6 inches from the surface of the wood. By doing so, the air will circulate better, preventing mildew from reappearing. Of course, a good cleaning is required in order to remove existing mildew.



Before applying the stain, make sure the surface is clean, free of dirt, mould, grease, wax, or any other contaminant that could prevent the stain from adhering to the surface.

If the wood has been outdoors for more than one month, it must be cleaned with a solution of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Apply the solution with a mop and scrub vigorously with a brush. Let the solution sit on the surface for 10 minutes, then rinse with a hose. Let dry for 48 hours. Do not use a pressure washer to wash your wood.

WOODMATE semi-transparent stain must adequately penetrate the surface to adhere well. To ensure this, sand the wood with 60-grit sandpaper to open up the wood grain. Mechanical sanding is highly recommended for horizontal surfaces. If you need to use sandpaper with a coarser grit than 60, such as 50, follow up with 60-grit sanding afterwards. 50-grit sandpaper creates a surface that is too rough, preventing a nice finish on your wood.


WOODMATE semi-transparent stain must penetrate the wood to adhere well. MF Paints does not recommend applying this stain on a surface that was previously painted or stained with another product.


The humidity level of the wood must be less than 12% for the stain to penetrate properly. If the wood is wet after washing or rain, wait at least 1-2 days before staining. Always stain 1 or 2 boards at a time, from end to end, to prevent demarcation lines. We suggest applying 2 coats of WOODMATE in the colour of your choice.


  • If it is less than 10°C or more than 30°C
  • In full sun
  • In large square sections
  • On wet wood or just before it rains
  • Using a roller



  • On a cloudy day
  • Using a high quality silk brush
  • While stirring the stain repeatedly throughout the project
  • On the 4 sides of the board, as well as on the extremities


A visual assessment of the surface is recommended annually. Verify if the surface of the wood is changed or damaged. If you detect some damage, sand the area lightly and apply 2 coats of WOODMATE semi-transparent stain to restore its original appearance. However, if the entire surface needs re-staining, apply 1 coat to sanded areas and a second coat over the whole surface. By doing it this way, you will prolong the life of your wood.


MF Paints does not guarantee WOODMATE semi-transparent stain on torrefied wood.


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