Colours that can positively influence your mood

Because we all need tips and advice these days to keep our spirits up, see how colours can help you!

The top 4 colours that can positively influence your mood

Tired of being in quarantine? To be far from your loved ones? Your interior decor may not help you to keep your spirit up. Why not let colours positively transform your state of mind?

Indeed, many studies around the world have proven that the various variations of light responsible for colours can influence us. Here are the ones that are most likely to have a pleasant impact on our well-being.

Bewitched Yellow

Most variations of yellow would have the power to envelop us in positive energy. In a room where this colour predominates, the occupants would feel happier. Communication would also be easier in an atmosphere tinged with yellow. Are you telecommuting and your office corner is getting you down? Bring in the “sun” by painting the walls or accessorizing in yellow. Who knows, you might have more energy!

Some trendy yellows:

Lioness 0864

Yellow Trumpet 0862

Sweetie Pie 0804

Running low on energy? Integrate red!

Red deserves a special place in this list of the most influential colours because it is the great champion of mood effects. It can generate different reactions depending on one’s mood. Some feel energized in his presence while others see their creativity stimulated. Also, some couples are more passionate about a bedroom where red is king. The catch: this colour makes some people irritable, especially when it has an orange hue.

Some trendy reds:

Romeo Oh Romeo 1145

Velvet Cake 1124

Wild Rose 0066

Reduce anxiety with Blue

Whether it’s rather gray, deep or powder, blue always has the power to calm. Various studies have shown that it would even help reduce the heart rate. It is therefore perfect for promoting sleep in the bedroom. In the home, this palette also looks great in the living room or in the room where you do yoga or meditation. The downside: he pushes introspection. Thus, some fold in more on a sky-coloured decor. Also, since this colour is cold, it is better to add cozy accessories such as cushions, a throw or an area rug to make its space more inviting and warm.

Some trendy blues:

Blue Period 0690

Job’s Tears 0676

Soft Blue 0651

Need to be comforted? Dare pastels

For a touch of sweetness, pastels are ideal. They would allay worries and resentment. Old pastel pink has been popular for a few years. When mixed with cream-coloured paint or accessories, it imposes an atmosphere of romance. The pastel peach colour is making a comeback. Far from being old-fashioned, it blends effectively with contemporary decor. As for pastel green, it brings hope (and we really need it in this uncertain time!).

Some trendy pastels:

Pastel Peach 1007

Go Go Pink 1084

Egg Blue 0671

Green Song 0762

Don’t you think colours can really affect mood? Take the test: you might be surprised!


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