Our most trendy 2021 colours

MF Paints makes sure to always be at the forefront. So, as every year, our experts analyzed decorating trends in search of the big thing. 

So which colours do you think will stand out in 2021? We find among these colours brown, yellow, red, blue or green, all available in enveloping and comforting shades. People looking for contrasts can dare to use dark tones that offer a lot of personality. As for pale colours, creamy shades should be prioritized. Here are some inspiring ideas for incorporating our trendy colours for 2021 to your decor.

Velvet Touch

Salon tendance avec sofa en velour et peintures mf couleur tendance 2021

Both cozy and luxurious, velvet is everywhere in our decor. Furniture or decorative cushions, when covered with this fabric, they are automatically refined. In fact, all of our trendy colours are brought to life by the presence of velvety elements.

Pro Tip: You don’t feel like spending on new furniture? Antique shops are full of vintage items. Replace their worn fabric with velvet!


0017 – Luna Moon

0212 – Big Spender

0425 – Pale Green Tea

Stunning Accents

Salon vert profond pouf en velour decoration interieur

To create a big impact in a room, use an intense colour that catches the eye. Whether you’re painting all the walls or just one, this dark colour will dictate the overall mood. Do you want it dynamic? Go for a red! Dramatic? Fall for an intense blue or green. If you want to leave a feeling of softness, make sure the rest of the decor is more neutral. 

Pro Tip: Évitez de peinturer les quatre murs d’une pièce étroite d’une couleur foncée : l’effet pourrait être écrasant!


1095 – Empower

0487 – Deep Space

0634 – Day Spa

Soft Accent Colours

Modern room interior with crib and wooden crates under cupboard. Eco style

In contemporary, country or classic decor, more subdued accent colours look great. They have a calming and soothing effect… they almost act like antidepressants! We fell in love with 0160 – Kingdom’s Keys, a touching peach pink that stands out in the living room as well as in the nursery.

Pro Tip: It is possible to draw colourful shapes on the wall with paint without the result being childish. The curves also bring a lot of softness and style.


0614 – Simple Serenity

0799 – Fire Dance

0631 – Chicago Skyline

0160 – Kingdom’s Keys

Creamy and Earthy

Brown is coming back among the favorite colours. The shades in vogue are rich, smooth and above all subtle. These earthy colours can be applied to walls or used for transforming wood furniture. In a bohemian setting, it is divine. It’s fantastic in rustic settings. Even in a modern house, you can’t do without it!

Pro Tip: Due to their neutrality, these colours can be used as the basis of your decor. Add colourful accessories to energize the hallway, bathroom or living room.


0017 – Luna Moon

0210 – Hidden Cove

0003 – Nilla Vanilla

1004 – Peace of Mind

Give it a Touch of Hope!

Green is the colour that inspires both hope and success. A green environment calms internal storms and shows life… in pink! That’s good because we have a few choices of green colours to offer you. Paint your walls or kitchen cabinets for a stunning look!

Pro Tip: A pastel green or grey blends in perfectly with a retro-style layout.


0425 – Pale Green Tea

0448 – Ice Flow

0470 – Dreaming of the Day



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