Preparing Drywall for Painting

Preparing Drywall for Painting

Steps to follow for unpainted drywall

Unpainted Drywall

The first step is to wipe the wall so that it is free of any dust due to joint-sanding. It is then important to seal the surface properly before applying the paint finish. You can do so by uniformly applying a coat of Latex Plus 170 primer-sealer.

For ease of application and best results when applying MF Paints products, use a 63 mm (2,5″) synthetic bristle brush and a high-quality 15 mm roller.

Use the brush to “cut in” or paint the edges, including around doors and windows, and use the roller immediately after for the rest of the surface. Before using the roller, it is best to moisten its surface to make it more paint-absorbent.

Under normal application conditions, we recommend that you apply one coat of primer-sealer and two coats of the paint finish of your choice. If a very dark colour is to be used, Portico 100% acrylic 270 is an ideal primer specifically formulated so that it can be tinted with darker colours. To find out more, please visit your nearest MF Paints distributor.


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